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10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – NYC

(917) 745-3273
35 W 43rd St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Whether you are looking for private jiu jitsu lessons, a great atmosphere, or world class bjj training in New York City, we got you covered. Give us a call or fill out our form and we will be right with you!


A. Our classes are open to practitioners of all levels, and while beginners are not limited to Jiu Jitsu Basics classes, it is recommended that they know the basics before attending our Mixed-Level and Advanced Jiu Jitsu as our instructors will drill on forms.

A. We do offer one free trial class for prospective members. Anyone who wants to try out a class before signing up, contact us and ask about our free trial.

A. Our memberships are all monthly, allow unlimited access to all classes, and vary depending on how long students want to commit. Before discussing prices, prospective members should try out a free trial class first to see if classes are suited to them.

A. Students from other schools are welcome at our gym.

A. Yes, non-members are welcome to sign up for the seminars/events at our gym, such as our Grand Opening w/ Eddie Bravo, Freak Bros Seminar, PJ Barch Seminar, Miyao Bros NoGi Seminar, and more. If you’re not a member, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter on our homepage so you can stay updated on future events.

A. We do not have a separate Kids’ Program. However, we do accept students who are 13 years or older as long as they have permission from a guardian to join our school.

A. Yes, we do have showers on the premises.

A. Our Open Mat is donation-based. Attendees are welcome to pay whatever amount they feel they are comfortable affording.

A. No, we don’t require students to purchase a uniform from us. However, we do ask students to bring a mouthguard, rashguard and grappling shorts for training. Spats/leggings are acceptable as well.

For Boxing, students should bring gloves/wraps.

A. Since BJJ is a contact sport, we need to uphold certain standards to ensure the hygiene of our gym.. This means no bare feet or shoes off the mats (we have communal slides outside the doors) and no flip-flops on the mats. Students should keep their nails and toenails trimmed down and have a clean change of clothing for class.